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It's now 1 month since I visited you and I can't thank you enough as... it has also been 1 month cigarette free! I am so grateful for your help Sophie 😊 xxx

Stop Smoking

Scottish Borders

I'm a busy mum of three young children, working and studying while trying to fit in all the usually "running around" involved in everyday life. I felt the strain of my busy life and knew my motivation was lacking in getting myself into gear. I was struggling to prioritise in what to tackle first and Sophie helped me to put things into perspective by supporting me in way to unwind and de-stress and showing me productive ways in making everyday life easier and making me a much happier person. Thank you Sophie xxx

Busy Working Mum

Scottish Borders

Hi Sophie, just a little thank you for your help and support last week, it's now one week on and still off the cigs and feeling better than I have in a long time

Stop Smoking

Scottish Bordes

After always being slightly afraid of flying but always managing to do it (with slight panic attacks) i became terrified after having a baby. I would fear something would happen whilst on the plane to my baby,Partner and I making up all sorts of terrifying situations in my head. After some very helpful sessions with Sophie for stress relief we started on flying...well I have just flew to Spain with no problems or nerves. After I got off the plane the relief I felt was phenomenal, thank you Sophie for all your help x

Fear of Flying

Scottish Borders

Thank you again for your wonderful ability via our hypnotherapy sessions. Life continues to throw new challenges but I feel better equipped to navigate my way toward a considered approach in my response.
I thank you again for your professionalism, your genuine empathy and the positivity your therapy ultimately brings.

General Anxiety

Scottish Borders

As long as I can remember I've been petrified of dogs to the point I would literally run into moving traffic to avoid one. I had decided I'd had enough of feeling this way especially with having kaitlyn and worried she would also pick up on my fear, I started hypnotherapy to get myself over it. I've had a number of sessions and have today put myself into a situation with dogs I never thought I would ever be able to do, I saw a completely new dog to me at a dog rescue centre and sat with it and played and cuddled it. I even let it jump up on me as some of you may know that was always a big no no! Words can not describe how I'm feeling, I can't believe after all these years I can sit with a strange dog and feel 100% relaxed and confident it isn't going to hurt me!

Phobia of Dogs

Scottish Borders

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