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Building confidence and finding calmness in the saddle...

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Anxiety Phobias in Scottish Borders

I started riding when I was 7 and rode for around 6 years before taking a break. (School, jobs, exams etc. all began to take priority!)

I returned to the saddle when I was 20 and once again became hooked!!

I now have two ponies, My palomino Connemara Johnny and my coloured cob, Connie. They are amazing! However, when re-starting as an adult, no matter how bomb proof my ponies were, I was aware things were different to when I rode as a child. I felt fear! "What if I fall off?... this might hurt... what if I can't work?... what if she bucks?... what if he rears?"... The list was endless! As adults we overthink situations. Pretty quickly I understood why so many riders lose their confidence. Whether it's after a bad fall, a scary experience, pressure from other equestrians, pressure from yourself, moving up competition levels, or maybe a bit of time off, I think it's fair to say that all riders experience some form of self doubt at least once during their riding career.

Could you benefit from Equestrian Performance Mindset Therapy?

  • Build confidence

  • Ease worries and fears

  • Find calmness

  • Reduce stress

  • Ease pressure

  • Find positivity in your riding


Sessions can be in my Hypnotherapy clinic, face to face. 

1 hour - £70

Via Zoom

45 mins -£45

Or access to live chat, activities, worksheets, tips, tricks and techniques via the app

£20 per month


Please be in touch to find out more about how I can help you and your riding.








Opening Hours:

7:30am – 6pm

7:30am – 6pm

7:30am – 6pm

8:30am – 7:30pm

7:30am – 2pm



Here at Sophie Douglas Hypnotherapy, I specialise in Equestrian Mindset Performance coaching.
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