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Anxiety Phobias in Scottish Borders

Imagine being able to increase staff morale, decrease work sickness leave, improve productivity and make staff motivation rocket!

With Hypnotherapy, you can make this happen!


Could your staff benefit from solution focused hypnotherapy in the workplace?

Your initial reaction is maybe no, but you will be surprised!

  • Have you ever had a member of staff nervous about giving a presentation?

  • How much does it cost you when a member of your team is signed off with stress?

  • Reorganisation, redundancy and uncertainty can cause anxiety and de-motivation

  • Dealing with lack of motivation in the work place?

  • Arguments between staff members?


Hypnotherapy can help your staff with all of these issues. Some staff members may want to come to hypnotherapy for:

  • Reducing stress levels

  • Increase coping mechanisms

  • Work related stress

  • Public speaking nerves

  • Communication issues

  • Anxiety including panic disorders

  • Alcohol issues

  • Work related motivation issues

  • Stop smoking


I offer a workshop for all staff members to talk about work related stress and anxiety. My workshop covers:

  • An understanding into why and how hypnotherapy reduces stress

  • A small section looking at the structuring of the brain

  • An understanding into how the brain works when we suffer from anxiety and work-stress

  • How our body and mind suffers from stress

  • What we can do to reduce our stress

  • Looking into sleeping patterns

  • Seratonin levels and production


If anyone who attends these workshops wish to undertake private hypnotherapy as a follow on from this, then I offer a 10% discount on private sessions. I will work with one of your employees on a one to one basis with all my work, of course, being confidential.


Workshops are 1.5 hours in your business area - £150 (these can be changed to fit into lunch times etc.)

Private sessions, there after, are 1 hour and in my consultation room - £50


Please be in touch to find out more about how Hypnotherapy can improve your staff morale and well-being in the work place.








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