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Anxiety can really take over lives and can be debillitating.

Fortunately, hypnotherapy is a great wayto help with the reduction of anxiety and stressful situations. 


When we become anxious,  our mind and body is telling us that we are in a ‘dangerous’ situation.  Our heart starts beating harder, we start to sweat, or stomach can churn and in a really bad episode, our fight or flight ‘mechanism’ can be triggered, we can have a panic attack and be off like a shot!  This can happen in countless situations for example, travelling in a car, going out for meals, public speaking and can even lead eventually to an individual not leaving the house for fear of the unknown.  The problem is that our body cannot tell the difference between a real danger or a perceived one when it ‘takes over’ in terms of creating anxiety.  If our stress or anxiety levels are high, our primitive, emotional mind steps in, takes charge and unfortunately, can only work within the negative parameters of, amongst other symptoms, anxiety and stress.

Well anxiety is created by negative thinking, it is not necessarily the events in our lives that produces the anxious behaviour, because if this was the case then all students studying for their A levels would be suffering from panic attacks so it must be our thought patterns surrounding the events in our lives. This is where Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help enormously with anxiety, we work together in reducing the levels, giving you back the control in your life you so desire and of course, deserve.




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